Event registration is time-consuming, requires an eye for detail and is frequently a thankless task. While often only one aspect of a much larger agricultural or rural show, sporting event, or even a community festival, registration demands a high degree of accuracy if names and details are to be recorded correctly and if the events themselves are to run smoothly.

Money accompanying entry forms needs to be recorded and managed. If an event is cancelled or does not run, refunds need to be arranged. Moreover, these days, even annual events are likely to require the establishment of credit and/or debit card facilities.

Legal or insurance requirements may require receipt of a signed form from every entrant. Plus there may be pre-qualifications that need to be confirmed.

Fluctuations in registrations – such as the initial rush when entries are first opened, and the closing day scramble – push staff at critical times. Unfortunately, paper-based forms can be misplaced. Transcription errors can occur as information is typed into the event system, with the result that some entrants end up registered for the wrong event.

It’s not a simple task. If the event relies on volunteers or a committee that may change year-on-year, the lack of historical knowledge or experience can intensify the burden. And if there are multiple categories of registration within the event, the problems are compounded.

Fortunately, there is a way to reduce the registration burden, allowing event managers to concentrate on promoting and running their events, rather than being bogged down in the administration of forms.

The Edentiti Difference

Edentiti is an organisation that specialises in secure online identity authentication. Our technology and processes are used to prove individual online identities, confirming that a person is who they say they are. As a result, Edentiti enables individuals to create online signatures that have the same legal standing and validity as a paper-based contract.

The Edentiti Event Registration system draws on this core capability and extends the software, tailoring it to provide a complete online registration acceptance and management system for event organisers and committees.

The system works by providing the registration form on your event website. Entrants visit the site and electronically fill-in the form. Credit card facilities ensure payment is received along with the registration form. If required for indemnity or permissions a legally accepted electronic signature is lodged along with the completed form.

No follow-up data or re-keying of information is required. The registration form is immediately stored in a secure, permanent database accessible only to the event organizers and the entrant. Importantly, organizers can access Edentiti at any time to obtain up-to-date reports such as total registrations or income received.

The process is simple for the entrant, providing consistency from year to year, while significantly reducing administrative effort for the event manager.

Developed to meet the budget and resource constraints of the show and event industries, Edentiti is a low-cost approach to managing registration information that requires little outlay.

Edentiti Event Registration at work


Step 1: Event registration forms are designed and loaded onto the event web site

Step 2: Event organisers open registration. Participants register for events, sign and pay securely online

Step 3: Participants and organisers receive confirmation emails. Organisers access information to manage the event.

Step 4: If required event organisers move information to other systems.

Step 5: Event occurs

Step 6: Organisers post results with the participants so it is available in perpetuity.

Step 7: Records of participation are passed by either organisers or participants to other interested parties.

Complements manual or computerized event management systems

Organisations have widely differing existing systems to support events, ranging from manual systems to sophisticated tailor-made computerised event handling packages.

Edentiti can be made to integrate with any existing computerised system or alternatively it can provide computer support for manual systems.

This is possible because Edentiti Event Registration is a discrete operation, separate from the running of the overall event. Edentiti contains registration information only, with no need to access information in any other “back end” systems.

It simply collects the data, validates it, receives payments and then supplies this information in an appropriate form to the organisers. Typically, this will be a simple file showing the details of all paid entries. Depending on the organisation this file data is input into the existing system which operates independently of Data Entry.

A system that grows over time


As the number of events that choose to use Edentiti Event Registration grows, so too will the number of individuals with “edentities” or registration records on the system. Given all Edentiti records are kept in perpetuity, it becomes a simple matter for individuals to update their records or to lodge future registrations.

Privacy Assured

The Edentiti Event Registration system eases the registration process while assuring event organisers that each entry is authentic. Individual entrants also gain from the system. Designed for security, Edentiti negates concerns of identity theft or fraud, ensuring that the information provided is viewed solely by the intended audience. It also offers individuals the ability to access a complete record of the information that they have supplied, at any time.

About Edentiti

Headquartered in Canberra, Edentiti is an Australian technology company that is changing the way personal information is authenticated and disseminated online.

The company markets Edentiti, the online equivalent of Australia’s offline 100-Point identity check. Edentiti offers secure online identity verification, allowing individuals to prove that they are who they say they are. It provides a secure basis for online correspondence and transactions between individuals and government authorities, financial institutions, retailers or other any other organisation conducting business over the Internet. Edentiti authentication is so comprehensive that electronic Edentiti “signatures” are viewed with the same legal status as traditional hard copy signatures.

The company has also developed a number of identity- related solutions such as signing online forms electronically, secure online membership and event registration applications.


Edentiti Pty Ltd
ABN: 67 111 307 361
401 Clunies Ross St, Acton ACT ,


Australia 2601




Ph: 02 6229 1790
Fax: 02 6229 1701

2 thoughts on “Event Registrations

  1. John,

    I have seen this system and it looks good. Webevents could use our system to enable them to help their clients. That is, Edentiti is all about giving people control and access to their own information and so provides a service mainly to individuals. This also happens to help organisations like webevents but only indirectly and only over time.

    We haven’t approached webevents because we have been too busy but we will get around to it one day. At the moment it is a hard sell to organisations like webevents because Edentiti is a new idea. Edentiti is really a social networking system where we provide people with the ability to identify themselves. Webevents could if they wished keep the event information registration to themselves and their customers or they could open it up so that other organisations could use the information about registration if the person gave permission.

    The offer to webevents would be for them to use edentiti to register customers and for the customers to identify themselves but for webevents to do all the event handling. We built our Event handling system to illustrate how a user knowing about their own data can help everyone rather than an ambition to have it as a business in its own right.

    From the point of view of the customer imagine that you registered once for a conference and supplied them with information about yourself. Later in the year you registered for another conference then all that information is available to you to give to the new conference without you having to type it all in again. Now imagine that two different conference organisations like webevents allowed you to federate your information then you would only have to fill out forms once in your life.

    However, we have made edentiti more attractive to use for organisations like webevents because we can now do things like event registration with phone calls because we have incorporated voice verification into our system. That is, we can supply a service where a person can call a given number say a pass phrase and register through their phone and an IVR. Rather than going to webevents trying to “sell” the edentiti concept we can go to webevents to sell a more efficient enrolment process using the phone and the user convenience gets thrown in as an extra.


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