Authorising documents electronically



Throughout the last decade, organisations have embraced the Internet’s many possibilities. Email and the World Wide Web have become preferred channels for a raft of activities including lead generation, promotion, sales, customer service and customer communication. Immediacy, convenience and ease-of-use are often cited benefits by both vendors and their customers.

Yet there remains a catch. Until now, transactions such as job offers, school permission slips, direct debit authorisations, insurance papers or any other form of contract have meant a return to the printer, creating a hard copy of the document that needs to be signed and faxed or mailed.


The problem is these forms require a signature. They provide a means of verifying the identity of the person signing and establish an intention to be bound by the contents of the document – both of which are critical legal elements in any agreement.


Numerous approaches have arisen to solve this problem. Custom development and packaged ecommerce software are two alternatives, yet these are usually expensive, require a significant hardware infrastructure and demand specialised skills.


In recent years, the rise of electronic signatures combined with digital signatures has provided a simpler, more accessible solution. Far from being an electronic representation of a handwritten signature, electronic signatures rely on the individual proving who they are by some electronic means such as a voice print, a secret pin, or some device they possess. An electronic signature is combined with a digital signature to encrypt the agreement being signed so that the electronic form of the agreement cannot be repudiated..


Now recognised as a legal equivalent to the traditional pen-and-paper signature, electronic signatures combined with digital signatures offer a cost-effective, convenient way forward for anyone looking to negotiate or complete transactions over the Internet.


The Edentiti Difference


Edentiti is an organisation that specialises in secure online identity authentication. Our technology and processes are used to prove individual online identities, confirming that a person is who they say they are.

Edentiti Electronic Forms Signatures is a service that builds upon this core expertise and combines:

  • hosting of a form on our website

  • online identity authentication of all signatories to the document

  • a permanent audit trail of transactions relating to the signing of the document and

  • permanent digitally signed electronic storage of the final document.

The result is a legally binding agreement concluded with ease.

Using Edentiti, signatures are received in real time, allowing contracts to be acted upon immediately. Printing costs, couriers and postage are no longer a concern. Transcription errors are eliminated, as data need never be re-keyed.

Cost effective and convenient, Edentiti means conversations that begin online can now be concluded online.


Edentiti Electronic Forms Signatures at work


1. The contracting party uploads a consent form onto the Edentiti website.

2. The first time signatory registers with Edentiti, creating a permanent personal electronic identity. This then allows them to electronically sign forms with any vendor using Edentiti.

3. The signatory signs and electronically lodges the consent form.

4. Edentiti automatically digitally signs the document and places it in permanent storage.

5. Edentiti automatically notifies all relevant parties that the signature has been received and that the transaction is finalised.


Organisational Edentities


Proving that someone is who they say they are is relatively easy if you are dealing with individuals. When transacting with organisations however, the process becomes a little more complicated. How can you be sure that the person you are dealing with is authorised to conduct negotiations? What level of authority does he or she have?


Edentiti solves this problem by allowing the creation of “Organisational Edentities”. When a company or association establishes itself on the Edentiti system, an authorised representative creates a set of rules, assigning positions and authority levels for colleagues. Each position is allocated a set of tasks that they may carry out on behalf of the organisation. These tasks may range from viewing signed documents, to signing on behalf of the organisation, or maintaining and controlling forms for the organisation. The initial rules also establish which positions must be automatically informed when a document is signed.


Exceptionally Secure


Edentiti Electronic Forms Signatures is built for security. Firstly, it uses asymmetric cryptography in a public and private key pairing system, making signed documents impossible to change without detection. Private keys are stored with Edentiti and are only accessible to the owner through secure biometric or pin number processes. Finally, Edentiti logs the place, time and author of each transaction. The result is a system more secure than a simple handwritten signature, assuring all parties that any information may be viewed solely by the intended audience.


Legally Assured


Edentiti Electronic Forms Signatures provides online convenience and legal surety for companies and individuals looking to finalise transactions over the Internet. The process meets the all the major attributes of traditional written signatures, establishing:

  • exactly who signed the electronic document

  • when it was signed

  • the place it was signed and

  • the person’s intent to sign a document.

Using Edentiti, an electronic signature carries the same legal weight and is as valid and binding as a handwritten signature. It also happens to be a whole lot more convenient.


A system for all time

All forms signed with Edentiti Electronic Forms Signatures are kept in perpetuity, making Edentiti not just a convenient way to conclude transactions over the Internet, but also an inexpensive, secure storage option.

The system also offers a number of benefits to consumers. Edentiti makes it simple for previous users to log in using their existing “edentiti” when engaging in future transactions with any vendor. Just as importantly, at a time when consumers are increasingly wary about releasing personal information over the Internet, Edentiti offers comprehensive reporting that provides consumers with a complete record of the information that they have supplied through Edentiti, at any time.


About Edentiti

Headquartered in Canberra, Edentiti is an Australian technology company that is changing the way personal information is authenticated and disseminated online.

The company markets Edentiti, the online equivalent of Australia’s offline 100-Point identity check. Edentiti offers secure online identity verification, allowing individuals to prove that they are who they say they are. It provides a secure basis for online correspondence and transactions between individuals and government authorities, financial institutions, retailers or other any other organisation conducting business over the Internet. Edentiti “signatures” are viewed with the same legal status as traditional hard copy signatures.

Edentiti Electronic Forms Signatures is one of a number of secure identity- related solutions developed by the company.


Edentiti Pty Ltd
ABN: 67 111 307 361
401 Clunies Ross St, Acton ACT ,


Australia 2601




Ph: 02 6229 1790
Fax: 02 6229 1701

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