The relationships we have with organisations and other people almost all are recorded electronically in some way or other. Our doctor’s appointments. The license we obtained from the Motor Registry Department. Our Tax Submission.
AusRegistrations gives us a way to keep our own record of these relationships in such a way that

  1. We cannot change the content.
  2. We have sole access to the records.
  3. We can supply others with the records.
  4. The other party to the relationship verifies that to the best of their knowledge the content is correct.

The trick to get this working is to convince others that it is in their interests to allow us to collect the information and to convince individuals that it is in their interests to collect the information.
AusRegistrations is working on a system to do just that.
The first step is an arrangement we have with Telstra to develop systems to assist Call Centre Operators identify callers with voice verification.
This works as follows.

  1. A Call Centre signs up to use the system.
  2. The Call Centre has an existing relationship with individuals and knows them by some identifier (e.g. tax file number, bank account number, name, email)
  3. The first time a person calls a Call Centre the individual is given the option of recording their voice so that they can use their voice to verify themselves the next time they call he Centre.
  4. If they decide to accept the offer then they record their voice and the next time they call the Centre they supply their identifier and verify who they are with their voice.
  5. If another organisation decides to use the same system then the voice recording from the first registration can be used with the second system and the person does not have to record their voice again.

The accumulation of registrations where some of the registrations involve a photograph will soon supply enough information for an individual to be able to “prove” who they are.

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