Broadband Letter to the Editor

Tony Warren of Telstra (CB Times 5th April) says that the regulator will not let Telstra get a proper price from others to use its copper wire to my home. When my block of land was developed the developer and Telstra put in the copper wire to my home. This cost them a certain amount of money and much of that was included in the price of my block of land. If Telstra does not want the wire then I am happy to buy it back from them at their cost. If we allowed people to buy the copper wires to their homes then Telstra would get money to invest in other things and they would be able to dispose of an asset that they do not think they can get a return on. Once I own the wires then I will sell the right to access my home to the highest bidder. I now own the telephone wires in my own home so it seems reasonable to allow me to own the wires that service my home but are outside the house. If government required Telstra to allow me to buy the wires to my home for the cost to Telstra then perhaps the last mile access problem would be quickly resolved.

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