Energy Rewards operates like Frequent Flyer Points. A business or organisation gives their customers, members or clients Energy Rewards to retain customers, to reward them for purchasing something from them, for joining their organisation or for any of a number of reasons. Energy Rewards are owned by the person receiving them but the donating organisation specifies the rules on how the Rewards are spent as long as the expenditure reduces greenhouse emissions or saves energy. For example, Rewards could be spent on solar hot systems or investing in a windmill farm or on insulation in a house or ….. Energy Rewards can be sold or transferred but they must ultimately be spent on ways to reduce greenhouse gases.

The Energy Rewards company keeps track of the Rewards and who spends what Rewards and ensures that Rewards are spent on approved technologies. It works out the financial benefit to the person spending the Rewards and produces reports for the Rewards givers showing the total amount of greenhouse emissions saved.

Energy Rewards holders must volunteer and must give information about themselves and their household. This enables Energy Rewards to give very useful statistics on who spends what on different ways to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Governments can give Energy Rewards financed by carbon taxes. Rewards can be given to those whose consumption of energy is less. That is, Rewards could be given in inverse ratio to the per head consumption of electricity. This gives a positive feedback system. Those who produce few greenhouse gases get Rewards but they must spend it on ways to reduce greenhouse gases.

A 10% surcharge on energy – of all sorts – distributed as Rewards would give enough investment dollars to convert the whole world to zero emissions in less than 20 years. A 30% surcharge will drop the time to less than 10 years.

If you are interested in learning more about the concept and how it can be implemented please contact Kevin Cox

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