Christian Seibert (CT Oct 2nd) says that we need a fair way to share the increased energy cost caused by putting a price on carbon. He then outlines how this might be done. There is another more equitable, more effective way to share the cost. The money collected from a carbon tax or from trading in emissions permits can be distributed back to the population in inverse proportion to the amount of greenhouse emissions for which the person was responsible. The money given to these people must be spent on ways to save energy or to generate emission free energy. This would give a triple benefit in reducing greenhouse gases. It increases the price of energy that causes emissions, it pays people not to pollute and it gives funds to build infrastructure to reduce emissions. It might sound difficult to do but it is a relatively simple task using modern communications and Internet technology. A carbon surcharge of 10% distributed this way would give Australia zero emissions in less than 20 years. A surcharge of 30% would give Australia zero emissions in 10 years.

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