The WaterFord and Pryor article on the Federal government intervention in the NT (CT Dec22) is depressing reading because it describes an intervention that is repressive and restrictive. There is another way to tackle the problem that is positive and will cost a lot less. Rather than put restrictions on how people in the NT can spend their money give them more money to spend along with the responsibility of deciding how to spend it. For example, give people more money that they can spend on health. Reward towns that are tidy with more money. Support the building of infrastructure by supplying low interest loans to build houses, businesses and commercial enterprises. Reduce restrictions on the choice of the buyers but put restrictions and impositions on suppliers of services to ensure that they do not cheat vulnerable communities. Allow the communities to contract for services rather than services being imposed by a government. For example if a community wants police protection then give them the money to hire police not supply police. Impose control by monitoring the suppliers of services not monitoring and controlling the buyers of services. This is simpler and more cost effective as it creates a fairer market place in remote communities for the supply of services.

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