We are told that we need a gas fired power station so we can build a Data Centre in Canberra and for the power station to be a backup in case NSW cannot supply us power. The second reason has been dropped and we are now left with the idea of building a Data Centre and powering it with imported gas. Data Centres can be built anywhere and are best built next to the source of energy. They produce information which is much cheaper to transport than energy so it makes economic and environmental sense to build Data Centres near sources of renewable energy such as the geothermal resources of the Cooper Basin. It is more profitable for Canberra to use valuable land for offices for the workers who use the information from the Data Centres and to use cheap land in the middle of Australia to both produce the energy and house the Data Centres. Canberra as a community would be much better off to build a Data Centre and its geothermal (or solar thermal) power source in the middle of Australia where land is cheap and to get the money to finance the project from the sale of expensive land in Canberra that is presently being earmarked for less valuable industrial use.

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