Google has opened a competition for people to give ideas freely to benefit the world. The competition is at

We have entered the competition and our video can be found at

10. What one sentence best describes your idea? (maximum 150 characters)

Reward individuals for consuming less but require the Rewards to be spent on ways to benefit the whole community while helping the individual.

11. Describe your idea in more depth. (maximum 300 words)
Most economic systems encourage individual consumption at the expense of community investment. They are built around the idea of each individual attempting to gain the maximum benefit for themselves without reference to others. This is contrary to human nature where individuals have an emotional need to share with others. All societies have traditions of altruistic gift giving but our modern economic systems have evolved to discourage cooperation and sharing as part of our everyday transactions.  The idea of Rewards is to enhance and increase the opportunities for people to share by Rewarding people for doing with less and requiring them to spend their Rewards to the benefit of the whole society as well as to their own benefit.
We can use Energy Rewards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A community decides how much money it wants to spend on reducing emissions and pays this amount of money in inverse proportion to the amount of household mains electricity used by each person. The less mains electricity a person uses the more Rewards they earn. The Rewards do not earn interest and must be spent in the market place of greenhouse reducing infrastructure. Examples could be the insulation of a house, installing a solar panel, buying new shares in a solar thermal large scale energy plant or new shares in a wind farm. The market place is an electronic market place so we ensure Rewards spending compliance.  Buyers and Sellers are volunteers and if anyone disobeys the rules they are excluded from the marketplace.  A developed country community would be emissions neutral within 20 years if it issued an average of $1500 in Rewards per person per year – and it would produce its energy for half the current cost.

12. What problem or issue does your idea address? (maximum 150 words)
Any economic activity that affects a community can be made more effective if it incorporates a form of Rewards.
13. If your idea were to become a reality, who would benefit the most and how? (maximum 150 words)
All humankind will benefit. We know we can reduce greenhouse emissions to zero within twenty years with an increase in wealth for the whole of society. We know we can truly eliminate poverty throughout the world. The system will benefit any community economic activity as Rewards solves the “Tragedy of the Commons” by directing economic activity to investment not consumption.
14. What are the initial steps required to get this idea off the ground? (maximum 150 words)
The Rewards infrastructure needs to be constructed, implemented, deployed, tested and refined in several communities. We could start with Water Rewards, Car Pooling Rewards and Energy Rewards. The systems should be deployed in communities in different parts of the world at different stages of economic development to prove the universality of the approach. We have designed and partially built a framework to implement Rewards systems. The only criteria for Rewards is that a community has a functioning telephone system that people can use to connect to the Internet – and the political leadership to implement a system.
15. Describe the optimal outcome should your idea be selected and successfully implemented. How would you measure it? (maximum 150 words)
Energy Rewards outcome would be measured by the reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions for a given level of economic activity within an adopting community. Water Rewards would be measured by the removal of water restrictions from a community for no increase in total costs. Car Pooling Rewards would be measured by the increase in the use of public transport and the increase in the average number of people per car trip for no increase in total expenditure. Garbage Rewards would be measured by the reduction in land fill. Fat Rewards would be measured by the drop in childhood obesity.

18. If you’d like to recommend a specific organization, or the ideal
type of organization, to execute your plan, please do so here. (maximum
50 words)

I recommend Edentiti a company I founded to give individuals control over their online information. Rewards requires an implementation organisation that wants to facilitate not control and an organisation that is willing to cooperate and share with others.

2 thoughts on “A Competition for ideas to benefit the world

  1. Dear Kevin
    Depedencies on others and lack of knowledge & skills in development creates this situation of harrasments.
    Less development nations are dominating with thier ambitions and preceptions.


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