To – Committee Secretary 

Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee
Department of the Senate

From Kevin Cox
22 Yirawala St
ACT 2913

The government intends to provide insulation to millions of houses.

There is a more efficient way for the government to achieve the same objective of spending money on ways for households to save energy. 

Let the government set up a scheme where people can register to receive electronic vouchers that can only be spent on ways to reduce energy consumption in households. Let sellers who have products or services that reduce energy consumption voluntarily register to accept vouchers for products or services that reduce energy consumption. Registered sellers are the only ones who can redeem the vouchers for cash. Registered buyers are the only ones who get vouchers. 

If any buyer or seller breaks the rules associated with the vouchers they are banned from this or any other similar scheme. Distribute vouchers to people not to houses so it does not disadvantage the homeless or renters or large families.

Let the vouchers be transferrable so that if people have no way of reducing energy consumption in a house they can sell their vouchers at a discount to someone who can. 

Because the vouchers are electronic, implementation and operation of the system is inexpensive and will be paid by the sellers in the market place. The voucher scheme can be extended to include financing renewable energy plants. The government can spend as much money as it needs to get the economy going through this approach while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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