Money for innovation is very expensive as you have to pay for it with equity. In my experience it is a minimum of 10 times as expensive as a loan to purchase an existing asset. This, of course, is the opposite to what we want if we want to foster innovation. The reason that money is expensive is that innovation of its nature is risky (but not 10 times as risky). This means that people who invest in risky ventures should get a high return – unless we could get the whole community to share in the risk.

I am currently approaching the banks and other parts of the government with proposals where the whole community can both share the risks and share in the rewards. The name of the proposal is “Zero Interest Loans for XXXXXXX’  where XXXXXXX could be innovation, renewable energy, hospitals, water resources, urban transport, ports, universities, schools, or any way we have of constructing and developing new assets.
The idea is to give everyone in the country the right to take out a zero interest loan for XXXXXXX purposes. The total amount of the zero interest loan would be determined by the government as would XXXXXXXX. People who took up the loans would pay them back from the income from the investment if the investment made a profit. People who did not want to invest could sell their right to investment. There are a variety of ways the loans and spending of loans can be structured. The approach “costs” the government nothing and the risk is shared through the whole population. You can read more at and at

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