Debt has two faces. It is good when we invest it for a profit. It is bad when we invest it for a loss. A good way to ensure we invest for a profit is to make sure we have buyers who also invest in our products and services. Buyers, investors and producers interests become aligned.

It is the same with governments. The buyers and users of government services are taxpayers. Taxpayer’s interests align with the government by raising debt from taxpayers. The debt is repaid by reducing future taxes.

There is an extra benefit. Those with spreadsheets can experiment and will discover something quite extraordinary.  Savers who prepay get a discount on taxes. Savers will receive a higher return than interest on money in a bank while paying less tax. At the same time the government has a lower cost of debt. A community can fund double the infrastructure for the same amount of debt. Or investors can get double the return for the same investment. This happens because this innovation makes more efficient use of money.

Any government can do it and in doing so remove the cost of external debt from the community and balance their budgets.

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