Deborah Gordon in her Ted talk “What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the internet” describes the operation of distributed systems of autonomous ants.  She describes algorithms that ants have evolved to solve particular problems. She relates the ant algorithms to algorithms used in computer networks and the brain.

What she describes are metaheuristics of distributed systems or Swarm Intelligence. Swarm intelligence emerges as a result of simple interactions of distributed autonomous agents.

Gordon postulates that the Brain works in a similar way.

What we have created with Welcomer is a platform. The platform enables metaheuristics to evolve on the Internet of Things. It is a platform to evolve interconnecting prefrontal cortices on the Internet of Things.

Welcomer autonomous agents are any object on the Internet of Things. Messages between agents are the building blocks for swarm intelligence.  The metaheuristics or intelligence are the applications that act on the messages.  Mutations are changes in the communication mechanisms. The environment is the physical world occupied by the objects on the Internet of Things.

Example problems that Welcomer Swarms can solve are low cost high value homes, reducing the level of green house gases, and low cost effective law enforcement.

Welcomer is a platform for the construction of Swarm Intelligence. The Intelligence finds low cost solutions for high value problems. It works for any problem we wish to address.

See this blog post on Scaling Intelligence.

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