An approach to Law Enforcement is for citizens to know their transactions were lawful.  If asked they should be able to prove they have complied with all relevant laws.

Governments can certify applications that, if used, give a person “safe harbour”. Citizens can choose between certified applications.

When questioned a citizen can say to Law Enforcement. “Please run your audit applications on my transactions where I used your certified applications”

Government can use certified applications for its own transactions with citizens.  Some applications may work for non government purposes. All applications use underlying certified open source connection systems.

Government can start with a certified identification application.  That is, if a person uses the application the government accepts that the person is who they say they are. If questioned the person can provide access to their history of identification.

The Welcomer connection platform

Welcomer provides a platform for low cost high reliability identity applications. The applications provide swarm intelligence to the entities using the platform. The applications are close to optimal;  where the government defines optimality. Optimality might be lowest cost with highest levels of privacy and security.

The government certifies these identity applications for individuals and organisations. For the government to certify an application the software must be open source.  Verified parties, including  citizens, should hold the data.

Following on from identification the government can certify other applications for its own use. These applications also use the Welcomer platform. Examples are payments, loans, and transfers of funds. If a person or an organisation uses these same applications they will know they followed the law.

The government can take an active part in application specification and construction.  Or, they can act in a certifying role.


The Welcomer platform provides the network connections for swarm intelligence.  The intelligence is in the applications. The swarm intelligence optimises value for the lowest cost. The data is verifiable and held by verifiable entities.  Welcomer provides open source connection software for the applications.  Verification and auditing are in the form of government applications. These applications are separate from operational applications but use the same platform.

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