The sad thing about the ABS data collection is that they could get what they want without breaching any privacy. They could collect information without knowing who the person is by giving the form filler their own copy of the data. The form filler could store it securely and privately in a place of their own choice. The ABS could pay for the storage and this would ensure that a person only filled out a form once.
If, in the future, the ABS wanted to get longitudinal data on the person they could ask people anonymously if they still had the data and were willing to supply it anonymously.
This approach would save the ABS money, make it easy for a person to fill out the forms, ease the collection of data between census, and enable the collation of other data with the census data as appropriate.
See an outline of the idea at
See an outline of how law enforcement can get access to private data without using surveillance. The same principles can be used by the ABS.

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