Markets are an efficient way to find the best price for goods and services.

Money markets are a grossly inefficient way to find the best use of investment funds where the measure of efficiency is the capital cost per unit of real output. Inefficient money markets now cost the economy at least as much as the total value of the output of non-financial, goods and services.

Money markets reward investors if they can get the most monetary value from the exploitation of a given resource in the shortest possible time. Money markets punish investors who get the most value from a given resource for the longest period. Money markets lead to short term exploitation of resources for the highest prices.

Investors are encouraged to increase prices by whatever means they can find. Investors try to get rules and regulations to work in their favour. They lobby and influence decision makers to restrict the operation of goods and services markets to make markets inefficient because inefficient real markets lead to higher valued money markets.

Money markets punish investors who exploit resources in a sustainable manner. In money markets, a sustainable investment where the income never stops cannot compete with an investment that gives a short term benefit with few long-term returns.

We need ways of distributing investment funds to encourage the least amount of investment to give the highest return.

Rewards are one way to achieve this goal.

With Rewards, investors get a return from non-consumption. Investors get a high return on investment for future consumption.

Allocating money through Rewards doubles the return on long-term investment by making investments sustainable over the long-term.

Rewards are investments made by consumers of resources. Consumers invest in pre-purchased goods and services. They get a return by receiving more goods and services the longer they do not consume. They get a return by getting the right to buy goods and services for a lower price the less they consume.

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