When exchanging goods or services for money then if the exchange happens at the same time, the value of the money is equal to the value of the goods or service.
If we give the money before getting the goods and services then we can get more goods and services the longer we wait as we can get a discount.
If we receive the goods or services before we exchange the money, today we give more money the longer we wait.
Instead of giving more money we could have received fewer goods and services or paid more for the next lot of goods and services.
In both cases, if we vary the number of goods and services received and pay the same amount of money we do not have to use interest bearing money, debt, to transfer value. We can also compensate for inflation by varying the number of goods and services transferred.

This removes two large costs from the transfer of value and reduces the cost of operating an economy. It removes the cost of debt and the cost of inflation and will fix any economy.

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